MedHeilberuf Institut

MedHeilberuf Institut

Qualified and comprehensive knowledge transfer in the fields of medicine, healthcare professions, nursing science, and specialized medical language in German for healthcare professions.

As an interdisciplinary educational institution, the MedHeilberuf Institute specializes in providing qualified knowledge transfer and coaching in the field of medicine, healthcare professions, and nursing science. In addition to teaching theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for both academic and non-academic healthcare professions, we also focus on teaching medical terminology and specialized language. The content we deliver corresponds to the current knowledge and required specialized language for professional practice in Germany within each respective discipline.

The mission statement of the MedHeilberuf Institute:

  • The MedHeilberuf Institute offers specialized courses, continuing education programs, training courses, seminars, preparatory courses for professional and knowledge examinations, adaptation courses, and integration courses. We also provide comprehensive and individual education and immigration programs for medical professionals from abroad, regardless of gender, religion, or origin.
  • As the recognition and immigration process to Germany for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals from abroad involves numerous bureaucratic and professional challenges, we provide support to our participants as well as medical institutions at every step of the recognition process, from preparation to the actual start of work, at all levels. In this context, we also work closely with respective employment agencies.
  • All our courses are based on current medical and scientific guidelines and legal requirements in Germany. Our main focus is on the latest findings in medicine and science, intercultural competence, effective communication in the clinical work environment, and targeted theoretical and practical integration of medical professionals into the German job market.
  • To meet the highest quality standards, the MedHeilberuf Institute continuously works on improving its services. We focus on the development of up-to-date and innovative teaching materials, learning resources, online learning platforms, and applications. The data collected, as well as the feedback from our students, are used for the continuous optimization of our educational offerings, as well as for scientific purposes and research.
  • We place great importance on fair, respectful, and non-discriminatory interactions within the MedHeilberuf Institute. Creating a climate of openness and mutual respect is crucial to us. We rely on the competence and commitment of all those involved in the education process.

Special features of the courses offered by the MedHeilberuf Institute:

Based on the current requirements of the German healthcare and education systems, the MedHeilberuf Institute has developed a comprehensive training and adaptation program for doctors and medical professionals from abroad.

The teaching approach of the MedHeilberuf Institute is:

  • Immersing in the clinical everyday life of Germany through practical case studies in the field of medicine
    Learning about the specifics of the German healthcare and insurance systems, as well as getting acquainted with the work structure in the clinic
  • Providing understandable and well-founded adaptation of professionals to the German healthcare system
    Immersing in the culture of the country with a focus on developing intercultural competencies
  • Acquiring practical knowledge of medical and nursing professions
    Complete immersion in the subject knowledge and terminology with intensive language practice and promotion of intercultural communication
  • Preparation for specialized language exams and medical knowledge exams
    Targeted preparation for the specialized language exam (Fachsprachprüfung, FSP) and the knowledge exam (Kenntnisprüfung, KP) using approved textbooks and current examination protocols of our graduates.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does immigration to Germany take?

On average, it takes about 6 to 11 months to immigrate to Germany, and an additional 6 months for the final recognition of professional qualifications and employment as a skilled worker.

Can I immigrate to Germany with my family?

Yes, after successful recognition and employment, the German federal government allows you to apply for family reunification. Spouses and children can also immigrate to Germany in the future.

Can my application be rejected?

The service "consultation" includes a comprehensive analysis of documents and verification of the possibility of immigration to Germany in a specific case. If there are any obstacles, we will inform you in advance. Each recognition process is unique, so the dates, procedures, and employment conditions are determined individually.

What is a Deficit Assessment Notice?

So-called deficits are differences between your professional qualification and the state-regulated qualification awarded in Germany for the corresponding profession. After processing the application for recognition, the recognition authority issues a deficit assessment notice for the skilled professional.

The deficits consist of a specific number of hours in clinical practice and/or theory. The healthcare professional can compensate for these deficits in two ways: either by participating in a theory-practice course as part of an adaptation course or by taking an oral proficiency examination. For doctors and academic professions from non-EU countries, the oral proficiency examination is usually required.

Preparation for the proficiency examination requires careful and time-intensive preparation. We recommend that you prepare independently or with the help of the appropriate course on our online education platform in advance.

What factors determine the possibilities of an employment relationship?

The employment opportunities depend on several factors: possession of a medical professional qualification recognized in your country, your German and specialized language skills, and the regional demand for your professional profile in Germany.

Is a job interview mandatory?

Yes, a job interview is mandatory. After the job interview, employers can assess whether you are suitable for the internship/observation in the clinic and a potential employment relationship.
Depending on the chosen clinic, we can conduct the job interview partially online and even before your arrival in Germany.

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